Thorogood American Heritage Moc Toe Boot

Thorogood American Heritage Crazy Horse

Thorogood is a brand that has been around since 1892 when it was formed by Albert H Weinbrenner.  Few brands carry the same reputation for impeccable quality, durability, and comfort as Thorogood. The American Heritage Moc Toe Boot is arguably there most Iconic piece of work, I know when I think of Thorogood, I think of this boot.

The American Heritage Moc Toe Line has many options to suit anyone’s needs. Some consistent features across the line are a Fibreglass Shank, the MAXWear wedge, Goodyear Storm Welt, and a Removable shock-absorbing footbed on Poron® comfort cushion insole.


The American Heritage Moc Toe Line comes in a Six inch, an eight inch, and even an eleven-inch slip on.


Four different color options are available

      • Trail CrazyHorse
      • Tobacco
      • Black
      • Black Walnut


Each pair of the American Heritage Moc Toe boots feature a Fiberglass shank to keep the bottom of your feet safe from any penetrations through the sole. The MAXWear Wedge provides a slip-resistant outsole, so you’ll be able to hold your footing in the slipperiest of conditions.  A steel toe option is available for the American Heritage Moc Toe,


A key feature of Thorogood’s boots is there out of the box comfort and the American Heritage Moc Toe is no exception. These boots are hailed as having little to no break-in period, meaning you can work hard and feel good from day one.

A Poron Comfort cushion insole is partly responsible for this level of comfort, pairing this with the built is Poron Comfort Cushion footbed and you have one comfy boot!

Other thoughts

These boots are unlined and not waterproof so they may not be your best bet in cold damp winter conditions. If you are experiencing these conditions please check out our Winter Work Sock guide to help you find the perfect pair of winter work socks for your Thorogoods!

It may not be important to everyone but it is damn important to me. The Thorogood American Heritage Moc Toe Boots are made in America by Union workers, so you and I can feel good about purchasing these boots.

You can Purchase these boots and many more directly from Thorogoods website at

Best work boots for wide feet

Measuring sticksWelcome to your guide to the Best Work Boots for Wide Feet. In this article, we will go over how to tell if you need wide work boots, where to find them, and how sizing works when it comes to wide fitting work boots. After all of that, I’ll show you my top 5 picks for the best wide fitting work boot.

How do I know if I need wide work boots?

Are your boots tight on the sides? It is a gross oversimplification but this is the number one question you need to ask yourself. A new pair of work boots should be snug on the side of your foot because the leather needs to stretch and form to your foot, however it should not be painfully tight. It should not rub you raw or cause blisters on the widest parts of your feet. If this is a common occurrence for you, then you need to check out wide fit work boots, or you need to check our guide on how to stop steel toe boots from hurting your feet.

Another blatantly obvious way to know if you need wide work boots is to measure your feet or have your feet measured by a professional. This is something that takes at most ten minutes and should not cost you a dime!

Why do I need wide work boots?

You need wide work boots because your feet should not hurt every time you put your boots on. It really is at its core as simple as that. Another reason you do not want to wear boots that are too narrow for your feet is that it can cause a whole host of medical conditions. No one wants Hammertoe, bunions, calluses, corns, or ingrown toenails. All of these can be caused by wearing a boot that is just too narrow for your foot! If you are experiencing any of these medical conditions it may be time to take a look at a new set of wide work boots.

Where can I get wide boots?

Wide boots can be challenging to find in a brick and mortar store. You may be able to find some by heading to a boot retailer directly. Somewhere such as Boot Barn or even a brand-specific store such as a Redwing or Danner retail store.

While you may find a limited selection at these brick and mortar stores and you may pay more for your boots at them. You will, hopefully, have the benefit of a trained sales associate, who likely will be trained to measure your feet and make sure you find a boot and insole that fits your foot properly.

Online retailers such as Amazon, Walmart and BootOutfitters may offer a larger selection and lower prices but you will have to measure yourself and make sure you are ordering the correct size of boots. Now that may present some problems as we are now not only measuring the length of our foot but also the width. Compound this with most boots either running large or small and it can be quite the headache. Do not worry though we have you covered with our reviews which will let you know how the boot fits and if you need to worry about ordering up or down a size.

How do I know what size of wide work boots I need?

Now that you have found your wide fitting boots, you are likely going to see sizing numbers and letter combinations that you are not familiar with. Most likely you will run into two letters D and E. D tends to be narrower fit than E. If you need a larger size than a standard E you will run into sizes such as 2E and 3E.

Less often you’ll find sizing such as wide, X-wide, XX-Wide, or even XXX-Wide. These sizes are commonly 1/8” different from each other.

Now that you know how sizing will be labeled, it’s time to figure out what size your feet are. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as 4” wide foot means you need a 2E, as foot width is relative to length. I admittedly am not an expert in fitting and measure shoes so I will leave that up to the experts at the HealthyFeetStore who have some excellent charts and video guides on how to measuring your feet.

The Top 5 Best Work Boots for Wide Feet

Timberland Pro Direct Waterproof Insulated

Timberland Pro Direct Attach 6"At Number one on our list, we have the Timberland Pro Direct Attach 6” Steel Toe Boots!


These boots are made from seam-sealed waterproof leather ensuring that you have a durable and dry boot! Not only will you be staying dry with the Timberland Pros but warm too, as these boots have 200g of Thermolite insulation. Now you may be thinking these are going to keep my feet warm so I’m going to be sweating in them. Think again the Open-cell Polyurethane footbed with antimicrobial treatment is going to keep your foot dry and your boot smelling nice!


Comfort is key in work boots and the Timberland Pro Direct attach is no slouch in this area. The boots feature a padded top collar to keep your calf nice and warm and not marked up like some boots are want to do. A Nylon Shock Diffusion plate is also integrated into the boot providing support for you and your feet throughout the work day.

Safety Features

The Timberland Pro Direct Attach features a steel safety toe that meets safety standards ASTM F2412-11, ASTM F2413-11 I/75, and C/75 Safety Standards!

Electrical Hazards are also mitigated with the Timberland Pro Direct Attach, the boots meet ASTM F2412-11, ASTM F2413-11, and ASTM F2892-11 standards.

A Non-slip sole that is oil resistant and will not mark up floors is another fantastic feature of this boot!

Sizing and Availability

These boots, of course, come in Wide sizing that should accommodate all sizes of foot and they should be readily available at your local boot retailer, as well as on Amazon!


The Timberland Pro Direct Attach 6” Steel Toe Boots weigh in at 2.01 Pounds or 916grams per boot.


Keen Utility Men’s Milwaukee Wide

 KEEN Utility Men's Milwaukee Wide Work Boot


The KEEN Utility Men’s Milwaukee Wide Work Boot is an incredibly durable boot. This is because it features KEEN’s Patented Tough Tech leather, this technology enables the boot to resist abrasions, scrapes, and cuts, meaning you get a boot that is going to last longer than average. You also will not have to worry about the seams failing as they are also constructed with some proprietary KEEN technology, the KEEN-Welt. If this durability isn’t enough for you, the boots feature a membrane to keep your feet dry and healthy!


If you are looking for a boot with a ton of sizing options, all of which actually fit true to size, then the KEEN Utility Men’s Milwaukee Wide Work Boots are the boots you are looking for.
An incredibly unique feature of these boots is the addition of a left and right asymmetrical safety toe. This feature ensures that your toes are not going to be rubbed raw by a standard safety toe. A Metatomical footbed is employed in the boot to provide a comfortable stride all day long.

Safety Features

The sole is synthetic construction and is oil and slip resistant so you can stay upright throughout the day. The safety toe meets ASTM F2412-11 and F2413-11 I/75 and C/75 Standards. So You can be sure your toes are protected!

Sizing and Availability

The Keen Utility Men’s Milwaukee Wide Work Boots fit true to size so make sure you take that into consideration when ordering your pair. You will find that the KEEN boots also come in more sizes than your average boots all of which are available on or for a better price on Amazon!


A single Boot is going to weigh in a 2.36 lbs or 1074.4 g making it slightly heavier than some of the other boots on this list.


Wolverine Men’s Harrison Lace-up 6” Work Boot

Wolverine Mens Harrison Lace-up 6” Work Boot



The Wolverine Men’s Harrison Lace- Up 6” Workboot will accommodate even those of us with the widest of feet going up to a Size 15 Extra Wide. The Boot will keep your feet dry with a waterproof membrane but it won’t trap the sweat in. Instead, it utilizes an air mesh lining to ensure that your feet get the much-needed air flow throughout the day. Pair this with a Lightweight nylon shank to fight fatigue in your lower extremities and you have what you might expect to be a rather expensive pair of boots. However, the Wolverine Harrsion Lace-up work boots are incredibly affordable, more so than any other boot on our list!


These boots are comfortable! No, they are not like your other boots that get comfy after a grueling two-week break in period! They are comfortable out of the box, no break in needed! A Fully removable full-cushion footbed is going to keep your feet feeling great through the day, and if it isn’t the fact that it is fully removable will allow you to stick in your favorite insoles like Spencos!

Sizing an Availability

Many Sizing Options for even the widest feet are available with the Wolverine Harrison Lace-up Work Boots. Availability may be an issue with these boots and you will have the best luck finding them online either at Wolverine’s website directly or for, at the time of this writing, $10 cheaper on Amazon!


Danner Mens Bull Run

Danner Mens Bull Run

If you are looking for a wide fit work boot that is made in the good ol’ US of A then Danner has you covered. The Danner Men’s Bull Run Moc Toe Work Boot is manufactured in the US and made of imported leather. This leads to an incredibly high quality and attractive boot! With an upper that is constructed of high-quality full-grain leather, the Bull Run is built to last through even the toughest of work conditions. The Bull Run also features a mark resistant sole, so those of us that may work in finished settings will not have to worry about marking up the floors!


If a quick break in period is what you are looking for then you can’t go wrong with the Moc Toe Work Boots. These boots break in incredibly quickly and feel like slippers after just a week! They sport a Cushion Otholite foot-bed to keep your feet feeling good and help you fight the fatigue of being on your feet all day. These boots are not insulated, making them perfect for summer or for folks who run a little warmer than the rest of us.

Safety Features

A steel shank is at the core of this boot, protecting your soles from a whole host of potential hazards like nails, screws, or even rebar! Hopefully, you won’t need to employ it because there is no way you are going to be slipping on the patented Danner Wedge Non-marking outsole. This outsole is oil and slip resistant and offers amazing traction whether you are in the shop or out in the field! For our electrical workers out there, the Bull Run Moc Toe Work Boot Meets or exceeds ASTM F2892-11 EH and sports a nonconductive sole and heel

Sizing and availability

These boots do fit true to size, though it should be noted that they do run a little narrow so make sure you order the WIDE if that is what your foot is sized for.

These boots are incredibly popular so finding them can be a challenge. Your best bet is on directly or via Amazon, pricing is similar on both so go ahead and choose the vendor you feel most comfortable with.


These are the lightest pair of boots on this list coming in at 1.93 lbs or 878.8g a boot. This is due to them being non-insulated and not featuring a safety toe.
51 oz per pair


Dr. Martens Ironbridge Ex-Wide ST M


Some of us love Dr. Martens because they’re an ode to our youth and some of us love them because they are an incredibly high-quality protective boot that is built for an industrial setting. The Dr. Martens Ironbridge Wide ST Work Boot is no exception to this. With the classic heat sealed Dr. Martens PVC Welted sole, and Industrial Grizzly leather construction these boots are going to keep you safe. Now you may be thinking with that incredibly thick leather, I’m going to sweat. Have no fear a moisture-wicking ling and an Anti-bacterial Smartmask Insole are here to save the day.


Boy, are these boots comfortable for us guys with wide feet. The safety toe is incredibly wide so you will not have to worry about your toes rubbing along the sides. The boot is also roomy enough that if you feel the need to slip in some orthotic inserts your feet won’t feel cramped. PVC Air-cushioned soles help keep your feet feeling great throughout a long day of standing, walking or climbing!

Safety Features

The Ironbridges, of course, features a safety toe cap to keep your toes safe. They also sport the slip resistant sole Dr. Martens are so well known for, so if you working around oil, fat, petrol based chemicals, or alkali these may be the boots for you. Electrical Hazard standard MI/75 C/75 are met by the Ironbridges.

Sizing and Availability

These boots are available in UK and US sizing so make sure you are picking the right one when selecting your pair. Another thing to keep in mind is that these boots are already extra wide so don’t be confused when you can not find wide sizing for them. As with most boots, the Ironbridges are available on Amazon or on Dr.Martens official website.


These are a heavier boot with the thick sole and safety toe. If you’re looking for a lighter boot you may be served better by some of the others on this list.


I hope you enjoyed reading about the best work boots for wide feet and hope that we have helped you find the best wide fit work boots!  If you have any questions or comments please let me know!

Top 5 Cheap Steel Toe Boots

So you need a pair of cheap steel toe boots? Maybe you just started at a new job and don’t have the cash on hand to invest in a more expensive pair, maybe yours fell apart and you need to replace them before your next paycheck, or maybe you simply don’t want to spend a ton of money on your steel toe boots!

Over here at WorkBootGuide, we’ve got you covered. I’m a firm believer Low price doesn’t have to mean low quality, and these boots below are a testament to just that. I scoured the web searching for the best steel toe boots under $50 and am excited to share my findings with you.

So if you came looking for a cheap pair of steel toe boots that won’t fall apart on you and will keep you safe, look no further!

The Top 5 Cheap Steel Toe Boots

5. Dexter Men’s Douglas Steel Toe Work Boot

Dexter Douglas Steel Toe Work Boot

Number 5 on our list of the cheap steel toe boots is the Dexter Men’s Douglas Steel Toe Work Boot! At the time of writing this boot is priced at only $39.99. With that kind of price, it is hard to say no, especially when the boot features not only a steel toe but a mesh lining and oil outsole. The boot does come with a memory foam insole but it should be noted that most wearers find this rather uncomfortable. If you are looking at purchasing this boot I would recommend purchasing a separate insole such as the Spenco. The Douglas Steel Toe Work Boot does fit true to size so make sure you order appropriately

4. Condor Men’s Wyoming

Condor Mens WyomingThe Condor Wyoming comes in at number 4 on our list. This boot reaches the top of our price requirement coming in at $49.99. For that price, you get a tremendous amount of features. The most important of which is, of course, it’s steel toe. This boot isn’t only going to keep your toes safe, it is going to keep your whole body upright with an oil and slip resistant sole that is glued directly onto the upper sole using Am-Tech Technology. The Condor is cons with full grain leather, in some cases, this can lead to a warm stuffier boot, but not with the Condor. A mesh interior allows your foot to breath and stays dry on even the hottest days. The one fault of the Condor is that it doesn’t have the most comfortable sole, of course, this is easy to remedy with a 3rd party insole.

3. Stanley Men’s Dredge Steel-Toe Work Boot

Stanley Dredge Steel ToeStanley is not a name that usually comes to mind when we’re thinking about boots. The Dredge Steel Toe aim to change that, and their aim is true. The dredge is a lace-less safety boot that features a steel toe, rubber slip and oil-resistant sole, and a lining designed to wick away moisture. The downside of these boots is their lack of laces, that alone will disqualify them from many shops and job sites. If you’re one of the people that can wear these guys on the job, don’t hesitate to do so. One note, they do run a little small so take that into consideration when ordering your pair.

2. GW Men’s 1606ST Steel Toe Work Boots

GW Men's 1606ST Steel Toe Work BootsThe GW 1606ST from KingShow is one of the few cheaper priced boots that feature a genuine Good Year Welt. This added durability has put them at number 2 on our list. Other features include a slip-resistant sole and full leather construction. All of these features lead us to arguably the most durable boot on our list. They tend to run slightly large and come in a variety of different color options allowing you to get not only an affordable and durable boot but one that also matches your personal style.

1: Arctiv8 Men’s Titan-S Full-Grain Leather Steel Toe Work Boots

 Arctiv8 Men's Titan-S Full-Grain Leather Steel Toe Work Boots

Coming in at number 1 on our list is the Arctiv8 Men’s Titan-S Full-Grain Leather Steel Toe Work Boots. These boots are the best combination of features, durability, safety, and price that you can find. With prices ranging from $29.99 up to $60.00 ( depending on your color and size preference), you won’t find a better deal. Enough about how great they are, let’s find out why they are so great.

The Arctiv8 Titan-S feature a steel toe that meets OSHA standards, this by itself is well fairly common, what is not so common is the wide steel toe box that will let your toes move freely through the day. Comfort and safety aren’t all that this boot has to offer! The Titan-S is constructed using a Good Year Welt and full-grain leather. Towards the top of the boot, the leather is Nuckbuck, ensuring that your skin will not be irritated when wearing the boot.

As with most boots on this list, it is recommended that you look for a third party insole to provide you with the most support and comfort. The Titan-S run true to size so make sure to order as such.

The 5 Top Metatarsal Work Boots

Did you know the human foot has 26 bones and over 30 joints? Each one of those bones is essential to you, and your ability to put in a hard days work. Most of those bones are located on right on the top of your foot, they’re called your metatarsals. And if you’ve ever dropped something or kicked something with your metatarsals you know exactly how delicate they can be!

Now some of those bones are protected by your standard safety toe, the rest are fairly exposed with most boots. However, for those of us who chose to protect our whole foot (like reasonable people) we turn to Metatarsal boots.

The metatarsal guard covers the upper part or really the top of your foot. It can be built into the shoes or lay over the top of the laces, you can even purchase guards that are completely separate from the boot. Personal preference, convenience, and aesthetic will be your deciding factors in choosing the right type of guard for you. All of the boots listed below will protect your feet and keep you on them through your busy day.

1: Dr. Martens Men’s Ironbridge

Dr. Martens Ironbridge MG Steel Toe Work Boots
Dr. Martens Ironbridge MG Steel Toe Work Boot


The Dr. Martens Ironbridge is the whole package! This boot features a slip resistant sole that will allow you to keep your footing on wet or even oily surfaces. Combine that with a steel toe and a metatarsal guard and you have true foot safety. All this safety doesn’t mean the boot has to be uncomfortable either. The boot boasts a padded sole and specialty leather that will keep your feet dry in very wet conditions. As an added benefit they are shock resistant, so a great boot for electricians.

2: Iron Age Ground Breaker Work Boot

Iron Age Groundbreaker
Iron Age Groundbreaker


Ground Breaker! Just the name of this boot sounds tough, and for good reason. The Ground Breaker by Iron Age is an extremely affordable boot at the time of writing they are priced at $89.99 on Amazon. The boot features the ever popular and durable Goodyear welt construction. They are extremely comfortable and have a quick break in period. One thing to note is that they run a little large so keep that in mind when purchasing your pair.

3: Timberland Pro Men’s 8″ Metguard

Timberland PRO Men's 53530 8" Metguard Steel-Toe Boot
Timberland PRO Men’s  8″ Metguard Steel-Toe Boot


The Timberland PRO is exactly that, a professionals boot. This boot is an 8inch boot that will only your foot but your lower shin as well. Metguard from Timberland is overbuilt in the safety department, it meets and surpasses all ASTM safety standards for impact, compression resistance, and metatarsal impact. When it comes to features this boot dominates the competition. It will keep you dry, clean, warm, comfy, and of course safe throughout your busy workday. Timberland has done this by leveraging there many years of experience and there impressive catalog of technology. Some of which includes Anti Microbial Lining, Close cell Polyurethane footbeds, and of course the Ever-guard leather for top-notch durability

4: Michelin Men’s 8″ Sledge Metatarsal MICHELIN Men's 8" Sledge Metatarsal Work Boot Steel Toe

MICHELIN Men’s 8″ Sledge Metatarsal Work Boot Steel ToeWho wouldn’t want to wear a boot named Sledge! This metatarsal protecting boot might not be the prettiest on the market, but hey you probably don’t care, you just want something that’s going to keep you safe! Incredibly conformable and versatile, the Sledge will keep you moving and working all day long. Extremely durable and well constructed, these boots are ready to take a beating.

5: Harley Davidson Jake BootHarley-Davidson Men's Jake Boot

Harley-Davidson Men’s Jake BootHarley-Davidson may not be the first name you think of when you think of boots, but don’t let that fool you. The guys over at Harley have developed a strong comfortable and safe boot for you. Now I will admit these are made to keep you safe when riding a bike, but that does not mean they can’t be an outstanding work boot as well. Meeting ATSM standards, you can be sure this boot will keep you safe from impacts anywhere on your foot. One thing to note is that these do feature a zipper so maybe not the best boot for welder

Industrial Work Boots

Industrial work boots guide

When you work in a factory or a shop you’re going to need a boot that’s different from the one you wear in the field. Industrial work boots are very similar to general construction boots but have this focus, they are made for the harsh conditions of a shop or factory.

If you work in an area that has plenty of grinding, welding, sawing, sanding, or work somewhere that large objects are being moved, industrial work boots are for you. These are the boots that are going to keep your feet safe eight hours a day seven days a week three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

Slip Resistant Soles

A large focus and feature of these boots are their slip-resistant soles. Trips and slips are the number one cause of injury on the job accounting for over 19% of all injuries, according to the 2016 OSHA Employer-Reported Workplace Injuries and Illnesses (Annual) News Release. Industrial work boots featuring a slip-resistant sole will keep you upright and on your feet.

They do this by having specially designed sole patterns made of slip-resistant material. The material itself tends to be a softer rubber allowing the boot to grip the floor more effectively. The sole pattern itself will allow for liquids to escape from under the boots, allowing the sole to grab the floor better than a traditional boot sole.

Safety Toes

When working around heavy equipment and material it is essential to protect your feet from drops and impacts. Nothing is going to ruin your day faster than a 60oz hammer falling off of your table and right onto your toes.

To prevent this industrial boots tend to feature a safety toe that is either made of steel or a composite material. Both of these materials Should meet the ANSI Z41.1- 1991 standard if you are considering the boot for an industrial situation. Safety toes, steel or composite, will keep your toes safe though some people find them too be heavy or uncomfortable. If you are one of these people that are having issues with your safety or steel toe boots, check out our post here on How to Stop Steel Toe Boots From Hurting Your Feet.

There are boots that go a step further than a safety toe and protect the whole bridge or top of your foot, these are called Metatarsal Boots.  If you are looking for a set of these check out our Top 5 Metatarsal Work Boots picks.

Ankle and Shin Protection

You will find most industrial boots go up past your ankle a minimum of six inches. You can, of course, find exceptions to this and some manufacturers go so far as to make a shoe for this setting, though I would not recommend them for the reasons below. There really are several reasons why shop boots need to be this size or larger.

The first reason is you need to protect your ankles and lower legs. When walking around a shop it is incredibly easy to bang your ankle by walking into material that is down low, below your peripheral vision. Maybe you get distracted or maybe you’re just not looking at the ground and BAM, your bloody and bruised. Six Inch and taller boots prevent this or at the very least, lessen the injury.

Another reason may not be so obvious if you haven’t experienced it first hand. When you’re welding sparks get shot all over, it’s a fact of life and it’s not fun to deal with. We protect our hands with gloves, our faces with a hood, and our feet with leather boots. One of the worst feelings is when one of these sparks or slag, a tiny ball of molten metal, slides into your shoe and finds itself on top your foot. Taller industrial boots prevent this by sealing above your ankle.

Protect your feet


Examples of Industrial Work Boots

Most boot manufacturers offer several options when it comes to footwear designed for the shop. A few of the top brands that offer a specialized industrial boot are Redwing, Danner, CAT, Georgia, Dr. Martens, and Wolverine.

Below are several industrial boot options, all from different manufacturers. I have picked these boots based on personal use, features and recommendations from other manufacturing workers and would feel comfortable wearing any of these around a shop. If you have any comments or issues with my selection please feel free to contact me and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

Red Wing Heritage Men’s Classic Moc 6″ Boot

Red Wing Heritage Men's Classic Moc 6" Boot
Red Wing Heritage Men’s Classic Moc 6″ Boot


This is the boot I personally wear every day and I can’t recommend it enough. Red Wing really is a step ahead of the competition when it comes to leather. These boots are some of the most comfortable and durable I have found. The reason they are so durable is that famous Goodyear welt we hear so much about, add to that triple stitching and you have a great pair of boots that are going to last you years. These particular boots do feature the iconic Red Wing Traction Tred sole and outsole.

After all of this praise, I do need to tell you the downsides. The break-in period is rough, it’s about two weeks. During this time the boots are going to feel tight and rigid, once you push through though you will have the most comfortable pair of boots on the market shaped to your feet. There are ways to speed up this break-in period, and I’ll go into those in another post.

This particular model that I linked does not feature a safety toe, to get that you will need to head to a Red Wing Store or purchase from the website directly. You can find them here.

Danner Men’s Quarry USA 8-Inch Alloy Toe Work Boot

Industrial work boot from - Danner
Industrial work boot from –

With this boot, Danner really stepped up their game. If you’re looking for a safety feature rich boot look no further. The Quarry USA has an alloy toe, a fiberglass shank, and is rated for Electrical hazards. What more could you ask for? This really is the boot to look at if you work around a lot of machinery and a lot of power cords.

Comfort? Well, they have that in spades, utilizing a Vibram sole to keep your feet feeling good, and GORE-TEX to keep them dry. Did I mention that these are 100% waterproof?

Downsides. They may not be as durable as some other boots, there have been multiple reports of the leather tearing earlier than expected. This may come down to lack of maintenance on the owner.

One thing to note, these boots run a little small so you may consider purchasing ½ a size up.

Georgia Boot Men’s Georgia 8″ Lace-to-toe Steel Toe Work Boot Work Shoe

Industrial work boots from Georgia
Industrial work boots from Georgia

Here is the first work boot I ever purchased and I never once regretted it. It is considerably cheaper than the other options on this list and has many of the same safety features.

The Georgia boot has a steel toe and is, in fact, Oil and Slip Resistant, which I can personally attest too. The leather on this boot will hold up incredibly well under even the harshest conditions. There is no denying they are a good looking boot.

The not so great part. Break in is ROUGH, 2 – 3 weeks of hard days. The sole itself will wear down a little faster than other boots I’ve found. Comfort was not the main factor when designing these boots and I would highly recommend purchasing a new insole with these.

Wolverine Men’s Buccaneer SteelToe Waterproof Work Boot

wolverine industrial work boots
Wolverine Men’s Buccaneer 8-Inch MultiShox Contour Welt WP EH ST Boot


The Wolverine Buccaneer is a fantastic industrial work boot that is going to check many of your boxes.

It has the standard steel toe like many others. Where it truly separates itself from the competition is its slip resistant sole. This sole has had an incredible amount of engineering put into it, these really are some of the grippiest boots you can find. The grip isn’t the only thing that this sole was engineered for, comfort was a high priority for the designers of this boot and with its Multi Shock Absorbing Compression Pads you are going to be able to go all day and still feel great.

Downsides. There really aren’t any, some people report them not fitting there feet correctly or that the break-in period is a little long. With both of these things either go try them on or get over it. Wolverine makes a wonderful product and these should be near the top if not at the top of your list.