About Ted and WorkBootGuide.com

Welcome! My name is Ted and I am a sheet metal worker. Every time a new job or project starts, conditions are different, and with different conditions come new unforeseen hazards. These hazards can range from slips, trips, and falls to electrical shock and burns. Regardless of the hazard, we all want to prevent or mitigate it as much as possible. One way we do that is by wearing proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Our boots are one of the biggest parts of that PPE, and selecting the correct pair for work your doing is crucial!

When I first started in the trade I was put on a roof, for those of you new to the industry roofs can be very slippery. I confidently strutted up a ladder and onto that roof sporting my favorite pair Doc Martin boots that I’d had since I was 17, and promptly slipped on a piece of Q decking and fell on my ass. Now me falling wasn’t my boots fault, Doc Martins are can be amazing given the right pair and situation, it was my fault. I hadn’t selected the right pair of boots for the given conditions.

Broken in boots


With The Work Boot Guide, I aim to help you select a boot that will keep you safe. We’re going to make sure you know your options and can help you pick a pair that will stifle the hazards of your work environment and keep your feet feeling good so that you can keep working.  The goal of every worker should be to make it home safe to there family at the end of the day, let me help you do that.